Vista Wallpapers – Vista Pack 2

9 03 2007

37 high quality Vista wallpapers various resolution

Vista Wallpapers 31Vista Wallpapers 32Vista Wallpapers 33Vista Wallpapers 34Vista Wallpapers 35Vista Wallpapers 36Vista Wallpapers 37Vista Wallpapers 38Vista Wallpapers 39Vista Wallpapers 40Vista Wallpapers 41Vista Wallpapers 42Vista Wallpapers 43Vista Wallpapers 44Vista Wallpapers 45Vista Wallpapers 46Vista Wallpapers 47Vista Wallpapers 48Vista Wallpapers 49Vista Wallpapers 50Vista Wallpapers 51Vista Wallpapers 52Vista Wallpapers 53Vista Wallpapers 54Vista Wallpapers 55Vista Wallpapers 56Vista Wallpapers 57Vista Wallpapers 61Vista Wallpapers 62Vista Wallpapers 63Vista Wallpapers 64Vista Wallpapers 65Vista Wallpapers 66Vista Wallpapers 67Vista Wallpapers 68Vista Wallpapers 69Vista Wallpapers 70



21 responses

27 04 2007

very good

2 06 2007

:|:|:| my goodness! these are great!

29 07 2007
cheryl ziccarelli

The wallpapers are super… However, why aren’t there any winter pics?????

31 07 2007

I like it very much … its better than the other

20 09 2007


1 11 2007

awesome….more pls

23 11 2007

Beautiful. Please awesome… more pls

4 12 2007

There are some wallpapers of MAC OS X 10.4.8 Tiger like the leafs

14 01 2008
Nhuong Son

wow, I’ve been searching for these type of wallpaper forever, these are wonderful!

15 01 2008

I’ve been looking for some pictures like these, this is the best collection of pictures I have ever seen!

1 02 2008

hey there .. i liked the whole thing , hope you don’t mind me blogging about it
i gave you all the credit and liked back to your posts as well . i just collected it in one place
if you don’t like it just tell me

thanks . loved the blog alot

6 02 2008

I noticed there’s only one red one in the whole bunch. People seem to go for the blue and greens eh?

7 02 2008

Wow, these are great. I don’t actually use Vista, but most aren’t specific. I think they’re nice.


5 03 2008
The Witchy Woo

I just put up the froggy one. I love all of the greens.

7 03 2008
Wallpaper estilo Natureza nota 10! « WindowsNET™

[…] alegre ao Desk trago este aqui super bonito com algo como a sombra de um sapo em uma folha! Vista Wallpapers Posted in Outros. Tags: DeskMod, natureza, Wallpapers, Windows […]

27 03 2008

My Goodnezz!!! walay lami….. luma na kaau.. wahahaha.. peace out!

28 03 2008

This is very lovely. I have a program called “yodm 3d” and this is the right one that fits. Thanks, aprreciated and all very wonderful. These makes me feel like im free!

31 03 2008

Great job! thank you so much for these breathtaking wallpapers!

28 05 2008

greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Mind Blowing superb collection.

12 11 2008

fantastic collection of greens for wallpapers. —mat

25 11 2008

I was all the time searching for a such a nice collection of wallpapers!

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